Lucie Valešová, M.D. 

Chief doctor of the Eye Clinic NeoVize, Prague

Dr. Lucie Valešová specializes in laser treatments of refractive errors with the femtosecond laser, primary acute treatment of eye injuries, laser treatment of retinal diseases, plastic surgeries of eye lids and intraocular injections.

Šárka Skorkovská, M.D. 

Chief doctor of the Eye Clinic NeoVize, Brno

The Chief doctor Sarka Skorkovska specializes on microincision cataract surgery and intraocular lens implantation. She further specializes in glaucoma and retina treatment.

Dr. Skorkovska has been practicing cataract and refractive eye surgery for 25 years already. She has performed more than 15- thousand ophthalmologic surgeries.

Radovan Piovarči, M.D.

Chief doctor of the Eye Clinic NeoVízia, Bratislava

Radovan Piovarči, M.D. is the first slovak ophthalmic surgeon performing the following procedures: first laser surgeries of refractive errors using a femtosecond laser, first laser surgeries of cataract using the femtosecond laser LenSx®, multiple implantations of the phakic lenses ICL and Cachet, broad usage of multifocal lenses. Dr. Piovarči has undergone an eye surgery with the surgical procedure femtoLASIK performed with a femtosecond laser on the 20th of October 2010 at Our Eye Clinic.

  • Laseroperation von Dioptrien mit dem Benutzen eines Femtosekundenlasers
  • Laseroperation von Grauem Star mit dem Benutzen eines Femtosekundenlasers LenSx®
  • Mehrere Implantationen von phakischen Augenlinsen ICL und Cachet
  • Eine breite Benutzung von multifokalen Augenlinsen

Jana Mikšovská, M.D.
Doctor and surgeon

MUDr. Mikšovská is a specialist in the treatment of refraction errors and cataract. She has been focusing on refraction surgery since the year 1995 and during the course of her practice she has performed more than 3500 laser surgeries. In the field if microsurgery, MUDr. Mikšovská specializes in laser treatment of refractive error with a femtosecond laser and excimer laser with all methods. She also specializes in the treatment of keratoconus with the method Corne Cross Linking (CXL/CCL).

Lubomír Továrek, M.D.
Eye microsurgeon

Dr. Lubomír Továrek has been repeatedly given a prize from the Czech Society of refractive and cataract surgery as one of the most often operating cataract surgeons. All in all, he has performed more than 20.000 cataract surgeries. In the year 2009, he received a diploma from the Czech Society of refractive and cataract surgery (ČSRKCH) for performing a total of 10.000 surgical procedures.

Eva Jerhotová, M.D., Ph.D.
Eye doctor

Dr. Eva Jerhotová focuses primarily on the treatment of diseases of the retina and glaucoma, examinations with the help of OCT, treatment of refractive errors, children’s ophthalmology, treatment of strabism and general eye problems.

Adriana Smorádková, M.D.
Ophthalmologist, surgeon

Dr. Smorádková focuses on diagnostics and performs laser surgeries. She also focuses on the diagnostics and treatment of keratoconus, she performs CXL surgeries and implantations of corneal rings (kerarings) with a femtosecond laser. She has attended a number of conventions and training courses in Slovakia and abroad. She holds the certificates for LASIK and femtoLASIK methods as well as fot the keraring implantation.

Miriam Záhorcová, M.D.
Ophthalmologist, surgeon

Dr. Miriam Záhorcová is together with Dr. Adriana Smorádková the first Slovak physician, who performed an ophthalmic surgery with a femtosecond laser. She focuses on the treatment of glaucoma and performs LI (laser iridotomy), but also focuses on the treatment of cataract and performs YAG (YAG capsulotomy). In the area of refractive errors, she focuses on diagnostics and performs laser surgeries with the methods ReLEx SMILE and femtoLASIK, and RAINDROP.

Petra Schreinerová, M.D.

Dr. Petra Schreinerová focuses on complex ophthalmic diagnostics at our Eye Clinics, she is a specialist in neuroophthalmology, ultrasound diagnostics of the eye and diagnostics with the help of OCT (optic coherent tomography).

Bc. Erika Konušiaková
Leading optometrist, NeoVízia Bratislava

She has been working at the eye clinic NeoVízia since the year 2011 as an optometrist.

Mgr. Katarína Bašnáková
Optometrist, optician

At the eye clinic NeoVízia, she works as an optometrist.

Josef Hycl, M.D.
(*8.2.1961 in Most, †23.2.2011)

Medical director and Co-founder of our clinics

The renowned Czech eye microsurgeon, co-founder of the eye clinics NeoVize Brno and NeoVízia Bratislava.