World-class cataract surgery accessible to everyone.

The NeoVize eye clinic and NeoVize eye clinic are one of the largest centers for cataract and eye surgery in the Czech Republic, they are among the top five largest eye clinics in the Czech Republic. Our services are also offered in Neovizia eye clinic in Bratislava, Slovakia .

We remove cataracts safely and painlessly using the latest equipment and cutting-edge American intraocular Alcon AcrySof with a yellow filter protecting the retina.

During a cataract operation the cloudy lens is removed from the eye and replaced with an artificial lens. The patient’s vision after the operation is largely influenced by the skill of the surgeon as well as the quality of the intraocular lens. At the NeoVize Eye Clinic we use AcrySof® intraocular lenses from the American company Alcon.


104237220The procedure involves a 2.2 mm microcut and the eyes heal very quickly without any stitches. We know how delicate the inside of the eye is, so we operate using special operating gel to protect the eye from the inside during the operation.

Cataract removal surgery is also an opportunity to improve your eyesight in general and eliminate the need for glasses. The premium lenses we use can turn back the clock and give you the eyesight of your youth. We also routinely perform astigmatism correction.

At the NeoVize Eye Clinic you can rest assured that each intraocular lens we implant is made of high-quality material guaranteeing long-term visual acuity. We never use cheap knock-offs or any less than the best!