Why should you come to us?

What do we have to offer?

Eyes are important. Correcting your vision or treating a serious eye disease is not a decision to take lightly. The right procedure using the right technology and performed by the right surgeon can be a game-changer affecting every aspect of your life. Why come to us? Because we have the necessary knowledge, drive and conviction. Because we take our work seriously. And perform it with joy. Oh, and for the following reasons, too:


Our people

Our greatest asset is our team of 160 professionals, including eye doctors, surgeons, optometrists, nurses and medical assistants. They bring with them experience including internships and working programs in the USA, Austria, Germany, Switzerland, Italy, the UK and Scandinavia. Doctors from NeoVízia Bratislava, NeoVize Brno, NeoVize Český Těšín, NeoVize Prague, OCP Prague and Kukátko Prague remain in close contact and collaborate often.


Our years of experience

All our clinics trace their roots back to the experience of our medical director and co-founder, MUDr. Josef Hycl, CSc., a pioneer in Czech and Slovak laser surgery and intraocular eye surgery since 1993. He was the first in the Czech Republic to perform laser vision correction using a  femtosecond laser (London, April 2006) and introduced the Zeiss VisuMax femtosecond laser into routine use (September 2008). He was also the first in the Czech Republic to perform LASIK surgery on a child (2006) and using a femtosecond laser (femtoLASIK, Brno, October 2009).


Our work as trailblazers

We take a great deal of pride in seeking out and implementing the best proven methods from around the world in order to make the surgeon’s work as close to perfect as possible and offer our patients every advantage available. Even though we use cutting-edge methods for diagnostics and surgical procedures, we never experiment and we do not trust new methods until proven safe and effective. We are the first to bring new procedures to Slovakia and the Czech Republic once they have proved their worth at top clinics in other countries. Methods we introduced to the Czech Republic and Slovakia include:

  • Gentle cataract removal without a scalpel using theLenSx femtosecond laser (NeoVize Prague / NeoVízia Bratislava – April 2012)
  • Eliminate the need for reading glasses using the revolutionaryRaindrop corneal implants (NeoVízia Bratislava / NeoVize Prague – May 2014)
  • Gently and painlessly correct vision with theNeoSMILE 3D method exclusively using the femtosecond laser (NeoVize Brno / NeoVízia Bratislava –?)
  • Correct vision with a femtosecond laser in Slovakia (NeoVízia Bratislava) and the Czech Republic (NeoVize Brno)
  • Implant phakicintraocular lenses (NeoVízia Bratislava – October 2010)
  • Implant 6 mmKerarings after the diagnosis keratoconus (NeoVízia Bratislava – September 2011)
  • Began offering lifetime guarantees to patients in Slovakia (NeoVízia Bratislava) and the Czech Republic (NeoVize Brno) on their laser surgeries at no additional charge
  • Began performing laser surgeries using a femtosecond laser on children in Slovakia (NeoVízia Bratislava) and the Czech Republic (NeoVize Brno)


Our expertise with the femtosecond laser

Our clinics were the first to begin correcting vision with the painless femtosecond laser. Our co-founder and medical director, MUDr. Hycl, was the first doctor in the Czech Republic to perform a laser vision correction using a femtosecond laser (London, April 2006) and introduced the Zeiss VisuMax femtosecond laser into routine use (9/2008).
NeoVízia in Slovakia was the first to begin correcting vision with a gentle femtosecond laser in 2010. MUDr. Radovan Piovarči, the head physician, is the first Slovak eye surgeon to correct vision using a femtosecond laser. MUDr. Adriana Smorádková and MUDr. Miriam Záhorcová are highly skilled physicians continuing his work.
NeoVize Prague and NeoVízia Bratislava are the first Czech and Slovak eye clinics to remove cataracts using the LenSx femtosecond laser.


Our proven track record

As of October 2014 we have performed more than 45,000 surgical eye procedures and 200,000 examinations at our clinics in Prague, Bratislava, Brno and Český Tešín.


Our ability to say no

We do not operate on everybody. We want to achieve the best results for our patients, not break records for greatest number of operations completed. We use the best available diagnostic and operating techniques, so after carefully examining a prospective patient’s eyes we have a clear and reliable indication of whether that patient will benefit from surgery or not. We find that 15 – 20% of patients are not good candidates for surgery, which is consistent with data available from around the world. Laser vision correction is not appropriate for every patient.

Our responsible approach to patient preparation

We never perform the initial examination and laser surgery on the same day. From a responsible medical point of view this is unacceptable. The standard is a 48-hour window between examination and operation. A thorough examination includes mydriasis and cycloplegia, which involves a three to four-hour appointment where you have your eyes dilated and examined. Only then do we have enough information to select the right procedure from our portfolio and calibrate it exactly to your needs.


Our dedication to precision

No one surgical technique is right for everybody. If a clinic only offered one option, such as a superficial treatment, then some patients would not get the treatment they need. Surgeons need two or three different laser surgery techniques at their disposal in order to meet their patients’ needs. Our clinics offer patients all surgical methods currently in existence that have been proven safe and effective (laser and intraocular). This wide variety means we can choose just the right technique for each patient.


Our satisfied patients

Patient surveys show that 99% of patients who have had a surgical procedure at one of our clinics would recommend us to their closest friends and family. This feedback has made us very proud – thank you all very much.

Our confidence

At our clinics, we have complete confidence in what we do. More than 30 of our own staff have had vision correction with a femtosecond laser or another surgical procedure – doctors, optometrists, nurses, receptionists and family members. One of these was MUDr. Radovan Piovarči, head physician at the Slovak NeoVízia Bratislava. “It is a huge help to me professionally. My patients ask me about details that I could never answer just as a surgeon. Thanks to femtoLASIK, I can also provide my point of view as a patient, describe everything that they will feel during the procedure and reassure them if they are experiencing some fear.”


Our lifetime guarantee

We are so confident in the quality of our work that we offer our patients who undergo ReLEx SMILE and femtoLASIK a lifetime guarantee on their results at no additional charge. If at any point in your life you need to fine-tune your eyesight with another laser surgery, our clinics will perform the procedure free of charge.

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